My interest in art began at the age of six with a stack of hand-me-down Walter Foster "Learn to Draw" books. My interest in painting really blossomed in high school when Mrs. Garver introduced us to oil paints. Until that point I had only used watercolors and other translucent paints and hated the softness of the results. But oil paints were so different - depth, strength, body, opacity, endless adventures in color mixing, even the smell of turpentine - I loved it all! Today I predominantly use acrylics, but still like to catch a whiff of turp every now and then.

I am a big “observer” of life. Watching people, how they interact (or don’t), and imagining how they might have ended up the way they did has always been a favorite pastime. A lifetime of observation has left me with some favorite moments. Not necessarily individual moments (though there are some great ones!), but moments we share without knowing. We are all guilty of masking our true feelings; especially, it seems, from those we care about most. In my art I like to capture that moment of true emotion just before the smile-for-the-world covers it up. 


September: Gallery 360, Charmed By The Glow (installation), Vancouver, WA
July: Starting Grounds, Portraits. Battle Ground, WA
June: Brickhouse, solo exhibition. Vancouver, WA
June: Angst Gallery, Bike Love. Vancouver, WA
April: Swoon, solo exhibition. Vancouver, WA
March: Oregon Arts Alliance, 6x6. Eugene, OR
February: RiverSea Gallery (et al), Nudes Downtown. Astoria, OR
January-Present: Gallery 360, monthly group exhibitions. Vancouver, WA

December: Angst Gallery. Vancouver, WA
September: Sixth Street Gallery, Skin Deep, curator. Vancouver, WA
March: Angst Gallery. Vancouver, WA
March: Northbank Gallery, Myths and Legends. Vancouver, WA
February: The Pines Gallery, Red Alert. Hood River, OR
January– September: Sixth Street Gallery, monthly group exhibitions. Vancouver, WA