Wednesday, August 18, 2010



 "Discernment" I often use old/vintage/recycled canvases. Partly for eco-conscious reasons, and partly because they are available for pennies on the dollar - and I do love a bargain. This particular canvas had quite possibly the most ridiculous painting of swans ever executed by someone's dear old aunt. (Aren't all swan paintings done by someone's dear old aunt?) As an homage to the original painting, I used color in a bit more abundance than usual as seen in the blues and yellows found throughout. The title comes from her expression; it's as if she's discerning the qualities of some unseen (to us) item held in her left hand. Hopefully, it's not a swan.

Feelin' Kinda Sketchy


"Feelin' Kinda Sketchy" came from a drawing that came from a photo of yours truly. Everything you see in this painting was originally intended to be underneath several more layers of paint. I wanted it to be dark with a slightly frantic feel, which is exactly how I was feeling that day: dark and frantic. After I did some very rough shading with black and blue paint, I stepped back and realized the look and feel I wanted was already there! Sometimes you just gotta know when to walk away.