Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finally Coming to My Senses...

I've been blogging for my businesses for several years but, until now, not for my art. That changes today!

My interest in art began at the age of six with a stack of hand-me-down Walter Foster "Learn to Draw" books. My interest in painting really blossomed in high school when Mrs. Garver introduced us to oil paints. Until that point I had only used watercolors and other translucent paints and hated the softness of the results. But oil paints were so different - depth, strength, body, opacity, endless adventures in color mixing, even the smell of turpentine - I loved it all! Today I predominantly use acrylics, but still like to catch a whiff of turp every now and then.

In my paintings I really try to capture the underlying emotions of my subject. Insecurity, vulnerability, doubt, fear... The feelings we all try to hide are the ones I want to explore with my art. Socrates said, "The unexamined life is not worth living." Painting is how I examine life, my own and that of others; and it's what makes my life feel purposeful and "worth living".

I'll be working on posting my painting archive as well as new works as they are completed. When I look at works by other artists, I often wonder about the back story of the piece. I assume other people wonder this same thing so I'll be including a little back story on each piece. Enjoy!

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