Sunday, June 6, 2010



 "Cleo" I was sketching out a woman with a very shaggy, pixie-style haircut but it kept looking wrong. I kept erasing and trying again but it just wouldn't come together! Finally, I did what any sane person would do and I gave up. I flipped the page over and this lady just sort of fell out of my pencil. The trouble was I could still see remnants of the previous lady's hair! I decided rather than try to mask it, I would make the most of the jaggedy lines and just started free-handing jagged lines all over the place which morphed into a sort of abstract foliage-and-floral background. Almost reminds me of stained glass. I dubbed her "Cleo" because her thick black eyeliner is like what Liz Taylor wore in the fabulous 50s era Cleopatra movie. The curlicues in her hair were achieved by using a gloss black paint over matte black paint. 

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