Thursday, July 1, 2010

Enchanted Gift Shop Logo


 So I've blogged a few times about The Enchanted Gift Shop, a new store and tea room in downtown Vancouver. It's time to do it again - this time because they asked me to design their logo! I had approached them to participate in a local business spotlight in a real estate (my day job) newsletter. I asked for their logo artwork and they told me they didn't have one yet. A few days later they told me some design ideas they had and could I paint it for them? I jumped at the opportunity! First, Gail and Jody are two of the sweetest ladies I've met, and second, it would be a challenging project and I love a good challenge! Painting what someone else wants is very different from painting what you see in your own head. It took a few weeks to get the design perfected, then I painted it in a matter of two days on a huge 3'x4' canvas. It had its debut last Saturday night at a private party for the Democratic Convention that was in town. The design will be worked into all of their advertising and marketing materials and on labels within the store. The original painting is prominently displayed inside the store located at 502 Washington St, Vancouver, WA 98660.

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