Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vintage Library Cards - An Illustration Series

This is a series of India ink and gouache illustrations on vintage library cards. I happened upon some blank library cards and it struck me how useless they now seem; kind of sad because they were once very, very important! When I was little the first thing I always did upon checking out a book was to read the names of the people who checked it out before me, and how long ago they had read it. Yes, I realize I am a huge geek. Anyway, I asked my sister (who works in a library) if she happened to have access to some retired library cards. Within a few days I had cards dating back to 1965 for books like "What is Existentialism" and "Being and Nothingness" by Jean Paul Sartre. The series will depict vintage typewriters (books, duh) in some way "acting out" the book the card is from. Yes, it is a silly project. But silly is fun and it keeps me from going crazy.

The Library Series will be sold individually for $12 each on my Etsy shop.  

Original fine art by Vancouver, Washington based artist Jamie Lutz Carroll. Buy acrylic paintings, ink and gouache illustrations, limited edition archival prints, and custom and commissioned artwork.

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