Monday, July 11, 2011

Night Rider

 "Night Rider"
Acrylic on stretched canvas, 16x20

Several months ago I was invited to submit work to a bike themed show at a local gallery. Though I had never before painted anything involving a bicycle, I decided to challenge myself to do it. The resulting painting (see it here) is very much a portrait of the relationship between the rider and the bike. I had so much fun with the challenge, I decided to do a second one using the same composition but changing everything else. Where the first was subdued, almost like a memory from years gone by, this version is stark and active, as though the bike has gone from an object of leisure to one of safety and necessity. It's so interesting to see how a simple change of color and brushstroke can tell a completely different story!

Original fine art by Vancouver, Washington based artist Jamie Lutz Carroll. Buy acrylic paintings, ink and gouache illustrations, limited edition archival prints, and custom and commissioned artwork.


  1. I still want this if it is still for sale. May I offer $180.00...send a check and pick up at a time that is convenient for me as I need to drive from BG? Thanks much, :)

  2. Yes, still available! Please email me at jamie.mari [at] and we can work out details. I sent you a friend request on Facebook so we could message on there if that's easier. Thanks!