Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sometimes a Subject

The vast majority of my paintings come from photographs. Some old, some new, some recognizably copied, some just the spark of an idea. None from photographs I've taken because if there's one thing I'm not, it's a photographer. I do however have a friend who is a photographer and we just collaborated on our second shoot! And by "collaborated" I mean I pretend to be a model and try not to laugh and feel self-conscious while he points lights and cameras at me. ;-)

Here's a glimpse of what we did last week. (See more on Daniel Wickwire's website here. Don't forget to look at his other albums while you're there!)  

This one is my favorite of the bunch! It was unintentionally blurry, but we both loved the effect made by being out of focus. The haziness of the figure makes it seem like she's maybe not really there or a captured memory somehow caught on film. I'm using some of the shots as fodder for paintings and there's a good chance you'll see this one on canvas soon.

I put these images together because I thought it was interesting how a miniscule difference in angle made such a huge difference in the finished shot. I love the sort of angry/creepy vibe of the straight-on stare in the one on the left. And really, really love the sense of mystery from the shadowed eyes in the one on the right. 

 And here's what was going on in between shots... The road was surprisingly busy late at night and I kept having to run to the side to avoid becoming one with a moving vehicle, look nonchalant so no one would stop and try to "help" me, then run back to the middle and quickly get back into character until another car came. Dan was up on an overpass out of sight so to passers-by I just looked like a crazy woman out for a stroll in her nightgown with no shoes. It was actually pretty damn funny!

(Low resolution images used to protect copyright. All images copyright of Daniel Wickwire. Used with permission.)

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